Fertell Kits


fertell test It looks as though the Fertell kits are no longer on the market in the U.S., and I have no idea why - it was a good product. Luckily, there are several decent at-home fertility testing options that are worth trying! We'll review and rate the new options that are currently on the market, and keep an eye on the Fertell test and see what we can find out.

Male Fertility Tests

Micra Sperm TestMicra Sperm Test
The Micra at-home Sperm Test lets you screen for the three major causes of male infertility: sperm present, sperm concentration, and sperm motility. The test even comes with a small microscope so you can view and interpret your sperm test results yourself!

SpermCheck Fertility TestSpermCheck Fertility Test
A well rated test, SpermCheck gives quick and accurate results.

Fertility Books

There are many books dealing with the subject of infertility, of varying quality and helpfulness. I'd suggest the few I've listed here, as they are all very highly rated on Amazon.

Overcoming Male InfertilityOvercoming Male Infertility
Overcoming Male Infertility was cowritten by a clinincal psychologist and a urologist, two experts in the field of fertility. Their combin skills make this an excellent and valuable book. Scientific details are spelled out in an easy to understand format, and treatment courses are explained very cleary.

What To DoWhat To Do When You Can't Get Pregnant
What To Do When you Can't Get Pregnant is a popular book for couples dealing with infertility problems. It helps with everything from finding a local fertility doctor to helping you understand the different fertility tests and treatments.

Fertility Aids/Supplies

These products will help you get pregnant when you decide to start trying.

Pre-Seed Personal LubricantPre-Seed Personal Lubricant
Pre-Seed is a personal lubricant that is sperm friendly, unlike KY or other lubricants. It's completely safe for use when trying to conceive - it worked for me!

Fertility Supplements

I'm normally somewhat skeptical about fertility supplements. I have a science background, and thus don't always have faith in drugs, medications or supplements that aren't tested by the FDA or any other testing body. That being said, many people swear by these treatments. With all things fertility related, use your best judgement, consult your doctor (especially if you are taking any other medications), and follow all directions on the bottle. And absolutely don't take supplements if you're taking any other fertility medication.

FertilAid for MenFertilAid for Men
FertilAid for Men is a nutritional supplement designed to improve sperm count, sperm quality, and sperm motility.

FertilAid for WomenFertilAid for Women
FertilAid for Women is a proprietary herbal supplement that includes chasteberry (vitex), red clover blossom, siberian ginseng, and gingko biloba, and can help restore hormonal balance while supporting overall reproductive wellness.

We'll be updating this site with information on the Fertell test kits and any other fertility products as they become available.